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Kelley March Birthdays

March 2013

The Kelley Family has several March birthdays.  We get to celebrate with multiple night of cake and dinners.  Cheri and I celebrated our birthdays together over Grandma's Lasagna.  It was scrumptious! Then we topped it off with cupcakes.

Later in March we got together again to celebrate.  This time it was for Pawpaw's and Jonathan's birthdays.  Mary Kate loved making the cupcakes.  She is really getting into helping in the kitchen.  She loves to mix and  taste all the foods.  She helped me fix dinner and mix up the cupcakes.  I think she especially enjoys the bowl and spoon after we are done.  Everyone talked about how good her cupcakes were that night.  She was super proud of herself.  We are so blessed to be able to share our birthdays with our family.

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