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The Color Run

March 30, 2013
Jay, Max, and I recently ran The Color Run that came to Nashville.  It was my first official run since my heart surgery.  We had a blast!  I think it was the most fun run we have done.  We paired up with some of our best friends, The Cooper Family, and made a team called the EB Runners.  Max and I came up with the name from the movie "Hop" since we were running on Easter weekend.  The run consisted of 3 miles through the riverfront area of downtown.  We started at the Titans stadium and crossed the pedestrian bridge back over into downtown.  The run then ventured up 2nd Ave, across 3rd, through Printer's Alley, back across a Woodland Street bridge, around the Titans stadium, and ending back at the riverfront near the stadium.  It was a great path to run and Max did fabulous.  We were proud to have run it in just under 28 min.  It is amazing how well you can run when your heart is working appropriately.  It is named the Color Run because along the course people are set up at Color Stations.  These stations are designed to throw different hues of colored cornstarch powered on you as you pass.  Then by the finish line you look like a rainbow of color.  After the finish line is a stage with music and more color powder.  It was great to watch yourself transform into different combinations of color.  We had an absolute blast and can't wait to run again when it returns in October.  My parents met us at the finish line with Mary Kate.  She had decided that she wants to participate via the stroller.  So I guess the next Color Run with have pictures of all four of us.  Yay!

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