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Memorial Day BBQ

May 25, 2013
Big Daddy's BBQ was another success this year.  We had a smaller number in attendance, but it was still loads of fun.  The BBQ weekend has become one of my family's favorite weekends of the year.  The kids have learned to expect days full of backyard playtime at Bebe's House.  They play in the treehouse, on the swingset, ride the many battery powered cars, and stomp in the creek.  Then the days are topped off with delicious food off the BBQ Pit.  This year the pregnancy announcement tradition was kept up by Jon and Josie.  For the fourth year in a row someone has told the big news at the BBQ.  Mary Kate, Logan, Charlotte, and this year Baby Jace's expected arrivals were all announced to the family on Memorial day weekend.  Our January has gotten very full with birthdays.  I believe we need a family truce of abstinence the month of April so that we don't produce anymore January birthdays.  Hahaha.  Just Kidding! 

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