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Max's Ski Trip

March 3-6, 2013

Max got a special treat this winter when he got to go snow skiing with my Dad.  Big Daddy was in ski withdrawal and needed a fix on the slopes.  He needed to feel the corduroys under his skis from the fresh groomed snow and the wind in his hat while riding the chairlift.  He decided that he was going to take a trip and asked Max to travel with him.  Max was elated to get to go skiing again.  He loves the snow just as much as we do.  He has been asking about another ski trip since the plane landed in Nashville from our last trip.  As the plans were made my Mom decided to go along for a few days away.  One of Dad's best friends, Jim, also went along.  They left early on Sunday morning and headed to the hills of West Virginia.  They skied at WinterPlace on Sunday afternoon and then again on Monday and Tuesday.  Dad said that Max did awesome.  I think that he had trouble keeping up with him on a few runs.  Max likes to point his tips down the mountain and take off.  The faster the better for this six year old.  Big Daddy spent the days perfecting Max's style with his turns and stops.  Max loved every minute of it.  He also enjoyed having Bebe to snuggle with when they skied into the chalet for lunch and nighttime.  I am so glad they took him along on this little adventure.  These are the memories that life is made with!  I look forward to taking a big trip with the whole gang again soon.  Hopefully then we will introduce Mary Kate to the world of skiing.  

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