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Princess Party

March 9, 2013
Mary Kate went to her first Princess Party this weekend.  Her friend, Madelyn, turned four and Cinderella came to celebrate with her and her friends.  Mary Kate was so excited to wear the Cinderella dress that Bebe gave her at Christmas.  The girls were adorable as they interacted with the Princess.  She painted their nails, gave them tattoos, and painted on their faces.  Then she gave the girls a lesson on princess waving and how to curtsy.  She read them a story on Princess manners and then sang with the girls in a circle.  It was priceless to see each of our little princess's faces as Cinderella talked and played with them.  They were all in love with her.  Mary Kate made her mind up after the party that she would have a Princess Party.  She wants the "princess with the purple dress" (her favorite color).  So now it is only March and she is going to talk about her "Punzel Party with a purple dress" for the next ten months.  Lol.  Too cute of a day!!  It is so special to spend time with my little princess.

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