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Last of Spring Swimming

May 2, 2013

M&M enjoyed their last night of swim class on Thursday.  We like to take a break for the summer since we spend most of it at the pool anyways.  Mary Kate has come a long since class began in January.  She is now confident (maybe a little too confident) in the water.  She freely jumps from the side and swims to Ms Beverly.  She has learned to put her head under the water and look through her goggles.  She even uses her goggles in the bath now.  Ms Beverly has taught her how to move in the water.  She can paddle and kick herself to get to the edge.  She is also good at pulling herself up and out at the pool wall.  These skills will help calm my nerves at the pool this summer.

Love it, when I capture both kids in the same picture.  Mary Kate is on the platform and Max is backstroking in the lane next to her. 

Max has also excelled this spring with his swimming.  He has become much stronger in his different strokes and diving from the blocks.  He moves through the water like a fish.  I love to watch him backstroke down the lane.  It just seems so graceful and peaceful and he reaches up and into the water.  His freestyle has started to pick up some speed as he learns to breath on the side between strokes.  With his improvements, I am excited to see him swim at the triathlon later in the month. 

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